We recognize that each event is as unique as the group hosting it.

For this reason, we will customize a package to meet your specific event planning needs and budget. Let’s start by sitting down over a cup of coffee and brainstorming what this perfect event would look like. One of the most important things to me is that we want you to feel comfortable that we have taken the time to get to know you, so that if something unexpected happens you are confident that we would handle it just the way you would!




We are the middlemen. We worry about vendors showing up, centerpieces arriving on time, directing guests, and setting up so you don’t have to.

We are the secretary. We type out and organize timelines, budgets, photo and song lists. We keep track of Vendors and their contact information.

We are a neutral party, a therapist and a mediator. We really don’t care if Aunt Sarah does not like our decisions because we didn’t use her neighbor’s daughter to be the caterer! We are here to give you exactly what YOU want for YOUR special event!

We see the bigger picture. When planning an event, it is so easy to become overwhelmed with the tiny details, that sometimes the bigger picture can get overlooked. We are here to help you take a step back and focus on the details AS WELL AS the bigger picture.

We mitigate the risk. Every couple should be able to relax and enjoy their wedding day, and especially be able to enjoy one another. It’s close to impossible to be in the moment when you have a million people running up to you with questions! Our job is to handle the questions and mini disasters for you, and make sure you don’t even notice any of these things happening in the background!

We have access and relationships with the best vendors in the area. You may think, well why would I hire an event planner to contact this vendor when I can just do it myself? The answer is simple. The time saved in calling around, comparing prices and checking availability, hiring a consultant practically pays for itself! Not to mention the fact that we have have reliable people who we have worked REAL EVENTS with who we trust & know they are able to pull the big day off!

We are the hands on people who make it all happen on the day of the event. We worry about vendors showing up, centerpieces arriving on time, directing guests, and setting up so you don’t have to.

Why do i need an event planner? +

Time Management - This is one of the key reasons for hiring AW Events. So much goes into planning an event and the pre-work of finding the right venue, vendors and coming up with a smooth “run of day” timeline can all be very time consuming. Not to mention, we have a great rolodex of the best vendors who all understand what it takes to pull off a perfect event.

You don’t plan a party to work it - The most important part of having an event is being able to enjoy it and be part of the fun. The last thing you want is to have to feel any stress or responsibility on the day! So sit back, relax and hire a planner to ensure you are in good hands!

Your need to stick to a budget - Sticking to a budget is what we do best. We will be able to tell you whether your budget is realistic, where we think you can save money and negotiate with vendors to ensure you are getting good value for your money spent. We will also be the first to tell you when your big ideas will cost you more…a “reality-checker”.


Nope! Our initial consultation is a good way to ensure that we are a right fit for one another. After all we will be working together for awhile and this is one of the most important decisions in making your dream event a reality.



Full Planning & Design



Bringing it all together 

partial Planning & Design


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