Helpful Hints

Have an amazing vision for your big day? Already have experience in organizing events?

Awesome! You may still need a professional planner to partner with you - so that you can enjoy the important moments. Read on to find other reasons you may want to consider working together!


Nope! Our initial consultation is a good way to ensure that we are a right fit for one another. After all we will be working together for awhile and this is one of the most important decisions in making your dream event a reality.  


We are the middlemen. We worry about vendors showing up, centerpieces arriving on time, directing guests, and setting up so you don’t have to. 

We are the secretary.  We type out and organize timelines, budgets, photo and song lists. We keep track of Vendors and their contact information.  

We are a neutral party, a therapist and a mediator.  We really don’t care if Aunt Sarah does not like our decisions because we didn’t use her neighbor’s daughter to be the caterer! We are here to give you exactly what YOU want for YOUR special event! 

We see the bigger picture.  When planning an event, it is so easy to become overwhelmed with the tiny details, that sometimes the bigger picture can get overlooked.  We are here to help you take a step back and focus on the details AS WELL AS the bigger picture. 

We mitigate the risk.  Every couple should be able to relax and enjoy their wedding day, and especially be able to enjoy one another.  It’s close to impossible to be in the moment when you have a million people running up to you with questions!  Our job is to handle the questions and mini disasters for you, and make sure you don’t even notice any of these things happening in the background!  

We have access and relationships with the best vendors in the area.  You may think, well why would I hire an event planner to contact this vendor when I can just do it myself?  The answer is simple.  The time saved in calling around, comparing prices and checking availability, hiring a consultant practically pays for itself!  Not to mention the fact that we have have reliable people who we have worked REAL EVENTS with who we trust & know they are able to pull the big day off!

We are the hands on people who make it all happen on the day of the event.  We worry about vendors showing up, centerpieces arriving on time, directing guests, and setting up so you don’t have to. 




Define your budget - This is hands down one of the most important things you can do for your event.  Everyone has a vision, desire and is so excited to get things started, however you have to make sure that you can afford your vision before putting everything into motion.  There are lots of moving parts & components to making an event perfect and you want to make sure you have room in your budget for everything!
Linen Rentals - Everyone knows this is an expensive part of any event.  The normal thing to do is try to outsource linens or buy & resell them.  This is a very amateur mistake that a good planner should not let you do!  Linens although they seem like a waste of money…are very complicated, tedious and hard to keep in pristine condition.  There are so many different sizes (floor length is the only way to go), colors and maintenance to make these look beautiful.  You might say nobody will notice…but trust us when we say bad linens are always noticed!
Do It Yourself Projects - With Pinterest these days, it is very easy to get carried away with DIY projects.  Our rule of thumb is to only take on 1-2 DIY projects for your wedding to avoid adding additional stress onto your plate.  There are so many good and reasonably priced solutions in the market.  Ask us and we will help you find them!
Hiring a friend - You have a friend is super talented and you think would be a great addition to your vendor list, right?  Wrong.  First and foremost, you want your friends and family to celebrate and enjoy the night with you.  You don’t want them working, pulling their hair out and making a mistake that could have been handled by someone who is a pro.
Have a weather backup plan - You are in Colorado and having your event outdoors!  That should be enough said but if it isn’t, we are happy to explain a bit further.  This is a day that you have been planning for too long, spent a lot of money on and want to enjoy to the fullest.  Unfortunately, you can’t control mother nature and you want to make sure you don’t have it get spoiled!  Talk about a backup plan with your planner…this helps everyone make sure you are prepared for something that you have no control over! 



Now live in the moment and don’t sweat the small stuff! Someone may forget to bring the programs you printed, the votive candle might be in the wrong place or your Aunt Carol might not have sat at the right table. All that matters on this day is that you are happy! We always say if the host is not happy, everyone can see it. Anything that may be out of the expected can be left with us and we will make sure we get everything back on track!